Nowadays you see people separating from one another very frequently. The reason behind it may be too much expectation from the other person, lack of compatibility, or other issues. But with some patience and suggestions you can make your relationship las longer with your partner. Here are some tips to guide you.

Learn from one another


You should learn from your partner. You shouldn’t blame everything on your partner. Instead, you should try to correct yourself. If you see something good in your partner, appreciate it and learn from it.



Trust is the main predictor of a long-term relationship. Without trust, you won’t be able to move forward. You should ask yourself questions such as ‘Is your partner reliable?’ If there is a no trust in a relationship, then that relationship won’t work.

Degree of compatibility


You should feel connected with your partner. You should connect at an intimate level. Both partners should write down the things they want to do in life; Some things may be extremely important for one person, but not for the other person. The more compatible you two are, the better the chance of having a long-term relationship.

 Effective communication


It means separating the person from the behavior. A bad communication can affect your relationship. You should observe whether your partners’ communication lifts you up or brings you down.

Dealing with conflict


If couples have poor conflict resolution, then the relationship won’t last longer. If you have endless fights with no resolution, then you know that your relationship is not going to last for a longer time. In a successful relationship, you will face problems and come out of it easily.

You should keep these things in mind and see if your relationship may turn into a long lasting one. You should have openness and desire to grow in a long term relationship.