Many people think that dating sites are very insecure and people might get into trouble if they sign up for such sites. But dating sites are very popular now, and with some caution, you can also enjoy visiting these sites without worrying about your safety. Here are some safety tips for dating online.

Protect your identity

You shouldn’t give out your personal information over the internet. You should only use your first name during the initial phase of your conversation. Provide details after you meet the person. When you give your phone number, give your cell number instead of home or work phone number. Cell numbers can be changed easily if needed.

Don’t provide last name, address or financial information

You shouldn’t provide this information to the person you are dating online. You shouldn’t give money to someone you don’t know. You should be careful about people who asks for cash, money order or check.

Take your time

There is no hurry in meeting the person. You should take your time to understand one another. You should wait for some days before you decide to meet in person. During a phone conversation, you will get to know better whether your personality matches with the other person or not. If there is any inconsistency in their behavior, you will notice it.

Meet at a busy place

You must meet at a public place, like a bookstore or coffee shop. Don’t let the person pick you up and get you home. You can let one of your friend’s know who is you going to meet and where.

You shouldn’t ignore your gut feeling. You should look out for early warning signs like the person gives you a phone number that says ‘out of service’! If you think that someone is not presenting himself or herself honestly, then you should move out of this relationship.