Dating Drew Barrymore: Is She The One That Got Away?

With Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut having past with the release of Whip It!, I had to ask myself if I was really ready for another installment of the flowery Flower Films executive. My last date with Drew was not as successful as I had expected it to be. As usual, we met at the movies and while He’s Just Not That Into You may have wowed at the box office, I was left feeling somewhat underwhelmed, disappointed. I couldn’t help but think that My Date with Drew had been ruined by other members of the ensemble cast and by the lack of zest in the script which had made my Fifty First Dates with Drew so enjoyable. Still, we’ve been through so much that I don’t want to simply dismiss her on our next outing without remembering some of the good times we had!My Date With Drew

Drew Barrymore made her first indelible mark on me when she burst onto the scene as little Margaret Jessup in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 landmark ET: The Extra Terrestrial. Even though she was only seven when the movie was released, Drew Barrymore was nominated for a ‘Best Newcomer’ BAFTA and went on to star in several massive kids’ TV movies of the eighties including Babes in Toyland and The Adventures of Con Sawyer and Hucklemary Finn.

As Drew Barrymore came of age, we began to date more frequently. Having made a name for herself in these high profile TV releases, Drew continued along her rise to stardom with appearances in the classic heavy-metal comedy Wayne’s World 2 and as the vulnerable Wild West prostitute Lilly in 1994’s Bad Girls alongside Madeleine Stowe and James Russo.

Drew Barrymore’s next big splash on the silver screen came one year later with the friendship drama Boys On The Side. Drew made her mark as Holly, a strong-minded girl fleeing an abusive past and searching for friendship which she finds with Whoopi Goldberg and Mary-Louise Parker. By this stage, I was hooked and looking for another date with Drew whenever I could get one.

Between then and now, Drew Barrymore has appeared in several high profile movies and I have been able to satisfy my addiction to an extent. She strutted around in kinky lingerie on the set of Batman Forever as the oh-so-innocent Sugar, the maul of Tommy Lee Jones’ Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent. She appeared in the iconic Scream before taking leading roles both on and off screen in a string of ultra-successful romcoms such as The Wedding Singer, Ever After and Never Been Kissed. Her production company, Flower Films, was also behind the massively popular Donnie Darko.

Off-screen, Drew Barrymore certainly doesn’t need any dating tips as she has gone out with many guys like Tom Green, Fabrizio Moretti and Justin Long, but I doubt that any of them have seen as many of her films as I have! More recently, Drew Barrymore has been credited with vocal appearances as Brian’s brainless girlfriend Jillian in Seth MacFarlane’s controversial but hilariously funny animated series, Family Guy.

So, my dates with Drew Barrymore have been frequent and they have been enjoyable for the most part. I simply must live in the hope that my next date with Drew will be as eventful as our first few outings because I don’t want to look back in years to come and think of her as the starlet who got away.